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Título: Primeira evidência das vítimas do terramoto de 1755 na cidade de Lisboa comprovada pelas escavações arqueológicas realizadas no antigo Convento de Jesus
Outros títulos: First evidence of the victims of the 1755 earthquake in the city of Lisbon: results of the archaeological excavations performed at the former Convent of Jesus
Autor: Cardoso, João Luís
Palavras-chave: Arqueologia
Lisbon earthquake
Data: 2017
Editora: Academia das Ciências de Lisboa
Resumo: The excavations of preventive nature, lead under the author’s direction in the old convent of Jesus, presently the Academia das Ciências de Lisboa, between June and December 2004, correspond in reality to a smaller part of the area that could have interest due to the existence of a mortuary deposit of human bone remains, in most part already non‑articulated and incomplete. This vast deposit is a continuous layer showing in some cases an intentional disposition of its elements, in particular some long bones and skulls, and also includes a range of diverse archeological remains, from domestic ceramic fragments of the 17th‑18th centuries to house building materials, food remains, coins and coal fragments, amongst others, related to the daily life of this urban population. Some of the human remains show alterations due to the exposition to intense sources of heat. Such modifications are compatible with the generalized fire which devastated the city of Lisbon following the earthquake of 1755 and, consequently, this is the first evidence of victims of this catastrophe that, as unrecognizable corpses, were buried in sacred ground, as it was usual in the epoch. In fact, under this bone layer, many bodies were buried, sometimes one over another, all of them in dorsal decubitus, generally with the arms crossed over the chest, a position characteristic of the Franciscan monks, related to the fact that the Convent belonged then to the “Ordem Terceira de São Francisco”. Besides the convent monks, also buried could have been in that place the inhabitants of the surrounding area of the city, before 1755. The material remains found in relation to these bodies included several elements of personal use and many pins used for the burial of corpses.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.2/7312
ISBN: 978-972-623-314-5
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