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Título: In-service training: e-learning as a new and promising approach
Autor: Dias, Paulo
Gomes, Maria João
Dias, Ana Augusta
Palavras-chave: In-service training
Professional development
Data: 2005
Citação: Dias, Paulo; Gomes, Maria João; Dias, Ana Augusta - In-service training: e-learning as a new and promising approach. "Interactive Educational Multimedia". ISSN: 1576-4990. Nº 11 (Oct. 2005), p. 89-103
Resumo: In-service training through e-learning should be seen as a special field of adult education. The lessons learned from adult education must be an inspiration to the design of in-service training approaches that support collaborative learning and promote the development of virtual communities. This points support our conviction that e-learning is a “promising land” to new opportunities of training and professional development activities. After a short introduction, the article will describe three different cases of e-learning initiatives taken place at University of Minho - Portugal. The first case reports to a research project called ttVLC – trainers training to Virtual Learning Communities. The second case describes a course that aims to promote in-service professional development of secondary and high-school teachers, called “EASIC – Ensinar e Aprender na Sociedade da Informação” (in English: Teaching and Learning in the Information Society). The third case describe a course titled “Formação de Eformadores” (in English: Training of E-trainers) which aim helping university teachers to adopt e-learning methodologies.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.2/2179
ISSN: 1576-4990
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