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Título: How ICT are changing the way we live
Autor: Goulão, Fátima
Palavras-chave: ICT
Social implications
Knowledge society
Data: 2013
Editora: Athens Institute for Education and Research
Resumo: The development of ICT and its implementation in different areas of our society led to profound social change. Thus, e-mail, chat, forums and social networks are the new tools of interaction and communication that enable new forms of social aggregations in the global network. This generalization of the social use of information technology and communication has boosted new practices and ways of being in society. The use of ICT in education has been a priority in most countries in Europe in the last decade. The Ministry of Portuguese Education promoted the Technological Plan for Education, which aims to improve the fundamental performance of students, ensuring equal opportunities to access equipment. Our research aimed to know how a group of Portuguese youngsters perceived the role of ICT in society and the use they give to it. The majority of these youngsters found in the ICT a way to avoid discrimination among students, to do not increase the social and to not cause the exclusion of people. It is a great opportunity for young people who live far away from large cities and these have more difficulties in its use. This is also the case of older people. As people with less culture are concern opinions are divided as to whether they have, or not, less skills to use ICT. The ICT is considered important for children and young people in difficulty and redefine the way people interact and communicate. In culture matters, ICT is considered to help understanding different cultures allowing more cultural and linguistic diversification.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.2/2870
ISBN: 978-960-9549-33-2
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