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Título: O ambiente e as políticas ambientais em Portugal : contributos para uma abordagem histórica
Autor: Tavares, Bruno Ribeiro
Orientador: Vasconcelos, Lia
Martinho, Ana Paula
Palavras-chave: Política ambiental
Legislação ambiental
Environmental policies
Milestones in environmental policies
Public participation
Data de Defesa: 2013
Citação: Tavares, Bruno Ribeiro - O ambiente e as políticas ambientais em Portugal [Em linha] : contributos para uma abordagem histórica. [S.l.] : [s.n.], 2013. 81 p.
Resumo: The Portuguese Constitution only in 1976 enshrined the fundamental right to the environment, and a Law on environmental issues has only came into being in 1987, presenting and innovative vision for the concept of environment that has come to adopt – initiating the process of institutionalization of public policies on environment in Portugal, whose institutional, political and legal route is analyzed here, in particular since 1967, providing a chronological reading of the last fifty years of history. Bearing in mind the increasing assertion of environmental awareness among the Portuguese in recent years – especially since the pivotal event that are the Lisbon floods, in 1967 – taking into account the constraints resulting from the total alienation that the dictatorial regime subject both Portugal and the Portuguese, are offered here contributions to a historical approach to milestones of environmental policy in Portugal, in the form of an interpretive history, given the different dynamics, personalities, institutions and movements that embodied it in the recent past, as well as the evolution of the political model for the environment. The interpretative analysis of the course of Portugal allows measuring a profile of environmental issues that attest his route in recent decades, either by the absence of a culture of civic participation and intervention (which prevented the mobilization of citizens in decisive matters), either by the though integration of environment into other policies (having been shy to adopt a common strategy for environmental issues in the past recent). On the other hand, the designed chronology allows to measure that great strides in environmental policy were dictated by external impulse and external pressure, rather than by internal pressure of public opinion, particularly in terms of the legal framework, the institutional and administrative framework, becoming environmental policies more or less visible depending on the commitment of its leaders. As a result of a civil society that only little more than thirty years won real political and social rights, the absence of a culture of a consistent public participation, the absence of an institutional structure, solid and able to withstand partisan alternation and change of guardianship, and a legislative framework, robust enough to tackle the real problems of the country, environmental issues (although being able to change the paradigm of relationship between rulers and ruled, confirming thus the true extent that the environment is in Portuguese society), are relatively recent in public policy, political agenda and in the speech of the Portuguese, and this is due to this very particular course of Portugal.
Descrição: Dissertação de Mestrado em Cidadania Ambiental e Participação apresentada à Universidade Aberta
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.2/2757
Aparece nas colecções:Mestrado em Cidadania Ambiental e Participação / Master's Degree in Environmental Citizenship and Participation - TMCAP

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