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Título: VGLib2D: class library for the 2D graphic visualisation of large volumes of data
Autor: Gameiro, Sofia
Almeida, Luís
Marcos, Adérito
Palavras-chave: Scalable vector graphics
Extensible markup language
2D information visualization
Data: Out-2004
Citação: Gameiro, Sofia; Almeida, Luís; Marcos, Adérito - VGLib2D: class library for the 2D graphic visualisation of large volumes of data. "Journal Virtual. Advances in Computer Graphics in Portugal". ISSN 0873-1837. (Special edition. Oct. 2004), p. 1-8
Resumo: This article presents the implementation of a class library in C# language, which uses the recent .Net technologies, aimed at the creation of documents or images in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format, for the representation, visualisation and printing of large volumes of two-dimensional (2D) data. The goal is to take advantage of SVG for applications implementation effects that, for instance, are Web based and where the graphical representation of large volumes of data, both dynamically and in real time, is necessary, along with its immediate availability for the purposes of visualisation, printing and downloading.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.2/2292
ISBN: 972-98464-5-6
ISSN: 0873-1837
Versão do Editor: http://virtual.inesc.pt/aicg04
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