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Título: Assessing and monitoring student progress in e-learning environments
Autor: Meyen, Edward L.
Aust, Ronald J.
Bui, Yvonne N.
Isaacson, Robert E.
Palavras-chave: Elearning
Ensino a distância
Avaliação da educação
Métodos pedagógicos
Data: Dez-2003
Editora: Universidade Aberta
Citação: Meyen, Edward L. [et al.] - Assessing and monitoring student progress in e-learning environments. "Discursos [Em linha] : perspectivas em educação". ISSN 0872-0738. Nº 1 (Dez. 2003), p. 129-145
Resumo: E-learning has emerged as a form of pedagogy and as a delivery system with broad implications for meeting personnel needs nationally in special education. At present, it is important to make investments in research and development to ensure that this new pedagogy becomes fully developed and is appropriately applied. Assessment and monitoring of student progress in e-learning environments is an important element of this new form of pedagogy that requires research attention to maximize the effectiveness of e-learning when applied to teacher education. The authors draw upon their personal online teaching experience in addressing strategies for assessing student performance and using electronic portfolios in e-learning environments, both presented as integral aspects of e-learning instructional process. Perspectives from the literature and lessons learned from the authors’ own experience are shared.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.2/154
ISSN: 0872-0738
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