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Título: A dinamização criativa da escrita no ensino básico
Autor: Silva, Carlos José Mendes da
Orientador: Sequeira, Rosa Maria
Palavras-chave: Ensino básico
Data de Defesa: 2011
Citação: Silva, Carlos José Mendes da - A dinamização criativa da escrita no ensino básico [Em linha]. Lisboa : [s.n.], 2011. 129 p.
Resumo: The Boosting in Creative Writing in Basic School begins by reviewing the complex concept of creativity, providing some insight about erroneous conceptions and recognizing it as a universal attribute, which can be stimulated by an appropriate pedagogy. This idea is based on the need to promote and adapt to new ways of seeing and solving problems. The Rhodes model underlies the link between creativity and pedagogy by studying the creative environment (school and classroom), the creative person (teacher and student), the creative process (general strategies and the importance of motivation), and finally, the creative product. The analysis of creative practices in school, the defense of creative thinking and presentation of creative methods and strategies complement that link. Then we discussed the boosting of writing through the defense of some ideas that could facilitate this creative dynamic in the teaching-learning process of writing, in particular the verification of the difficulties throughout the process, the continuous monitoring of the writing process and appreciation/evaluation of the final product - the text. The study of procedural models of writing, namely the “Hayes and Flower Model” supports this proactive strategy. The recognition of the arduous character of writing reinforces the need for a creative pedagogy based not on content or proposition of lighter or easier exercises, but rather promoters of awareness of the many possibilities available for the written expression. New perspectives for assessment and remediation, particularly inquisitive readings of error demonstrations reinforce the importance of an effective evaluation, which promotes motivation and boosting in the practice of writing. Finally, the creation of creative writing workshops is advocated as a vital ground for training and motivation through a set of recreational and educational strategies, which develop the whole process of writing, promote active listening and critical reading. The empirical study accomplished allowed to test and develop the theories advanced in the early part of this dissertation in creative writing boost.
Descrição: Dissertação de Mestrado em Estudos Portugueses Multidisciplinares apresentada à Universidade Aberta
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.2/2059
Aparece nas colecções:Mestrado em Estudos Portugueses Multidisciplinares / Master's Degree in Multidisciplinary Portuguese Studies - TMEPM

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